Origin Story

A mysterious tower appears outside Chwerwer, and three conscripts are asked to investigate. Inside the tower they find a mysterious orb. When jostled, the tower shifts and jives, the roof opens, and they find themselves in a far-away land. This is the land of Kara-Tur, where David’s campaign begins and ends.

As they are thrown into a new life of adventure, our characters begin finding their way home. They enter a local village called Yarmsherm. 

Original Oriental Adventurers Campaign Setting

“Just as the town retired to bed, slow moving, grotesque, reptilian creatures begin entering the city. They are stillborn dragons.”

The Stillborn Dragons rampage the streets, Mayor xinchee is discovered to have been involved in the creation of the reptiles. We escape the city and it is completely consumed by slime.

The adventurers find find the Wisteria Temple high in the mountains. A terraced village with known for it’s temple and millet grains. The players train and meet a wise sage named Kikoki. Despite his vast knowledge, this sage is only 11 years old.

map of kara-tur, forgotten realms, ad&d campaign setting

And the story continues…