Hidnd started out with a ‘one shot’ pilot video. The first production was rooted in the idea that our green screen could transport the players into an imaginary world

“Inspiration came from Action Bronson’s Ancient Aliens, except with nachos and D&D instead of pot and Ancient Aliens.

I added layers of video onto video
There is lava erupting behind us
Waterfalls and a dali-esque scene

We Kept Playing

David started putting effort into making a long-form campaign. Dustin and Gabe slogged through hours of DnD without the sweet release of greasy nachos. 

“As the show started to come into its own, we were immediately banned from eating food in the studios.

In one particularly painful episode, David and Gabe argue over the effectiveness of smoke bombs, while Dustin checks his phone for like 25 minutes. Stuff like this happens in D&D though, so it’s cool that our program can reflect that reality.

“Even in their edited version, some of the episodes are unwatchable.

I began to pull out 3 minute clips out from the longer videos. This way they could be digested more easily and we could get back to the root of the show, which is 100% comedy & fun. I wrote clickbait titles for the shorts and submitted them to ‘Olelo. When Anne (who QC’s the videos at ‘Olelo) said she couldn’t resist watching them, I knew I had found an important lesson.

We learned that people may not want to watch 45 minutes of DnD right away, which is fine. Instead of watching us slog through David’s campaign settings, you should probably call up your friends, invite some Craigslist randos, and play some games.